Live Satin lacquered Floors

Learn how to clean and maintain your Live Satin lacquered floor.

The Live Satin lacquered floors are out of our assortment from January 2020



Daily cleaning on Live Satin Lacquered floors are best carried out dry with a broom or vacuum cleaner. For regular cleaning with a mop, pour BOEN Cleaner into water and clean the floor with a damp mop. For dirtier floors, the dosage can be increased.Heavier dirt that is difficult to shift such as grease spots or heel marks can be removed with thorough cleaning. After using this, treat the floor with BOEN Refresher.

Surface Treatment Icon for Live Satin Lacquer.
BOEN Products Wear and tear Dosage
BOEN Cleaner    
  Normal Dirt  25ml for every 5l of water
  Heavier Dirt 50ml for every 5l of water
BOEN Refreasher Regular maintenance & spot removal Apply a thin, even layer


Use BOEN Refresher for the regular cleaning of lacquered hardwood and wooden floors. It refreshes old and matt paint, protects it and gives it a silky matt shiny and dirt repellent surface. Before using this product, your floor should be clean and free of polish, wax and dirt. Apply a thin, even layer of BOEN Refresher with a sponge or cloth and leave it to dry. Only then should you put the furniture and rugs back in place. BOEN Refresher is also good for spot cleaning.

How often should you use this product?

For floors subject to low stress, e.g. in bedrooms and living rooms: approx. once a year. For floors subject to medium stress, e.g. in corridors or offices with people coming and going: approx. twice a year depending on frequency of use.

Intense cleaning and spot removal

  • Stubborn stains (wine, fruit, berries, juice, cream, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, coffee, tea) are best removed with household cleaner.
  • Dirt such as shoe polish, heel rubber, tar, tarmac, oil, fat and chocolate can be removed with white spirit
  • Ink, lipstick, biro, printer ink, ink ribbons can be removed using spirit
  • Spots of blood are easiest removed with cold water

Important note

For sealed hardwood floors: when you see clear signs of wear and tear on hardwood floors under heavy use, we recommend that they are sanded and resealed in order to preserve the intact surface over the long term.